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A Shiny New Blog

I’ve recently started a new job in the busy heart of London where things can get extremely tense extremely fast. I’ve since found that it’s a sanity saver to have something therapeutic and fun to pour yourself into when you’re finally out of the office and the uncomfortable suit which goes with it. So I’ve decided to combine a few of my vague hobbies to make this blog: breakfast, baking and browsing. With a little rural envy thrown in there via my small scale and very recent gardening attempts.

So yes, I’m afraid it’s another one of those food blogs where people show off what they’ve made to stuff their faces with, probably accompanied by some amateurish photos. It’s all right, we’re still at the stage where I wouldn’t expect anyone to actually be reading this, and who knows if I’ll lose interest within a few weeks anyway.

A hint of things to come:

  • Courgette waffles
  • Banana buckwheat pancakes
  • Flax oatmeal
  • Plants
  • Packed lunches
  • Tupperware

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