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City Growing


This year I decided it was time to get growing. I was given some seeds by a friend who had lots left over from last year and I, knowing very little about all things horticultural, decided to just blithely put them in pots and hope for the best.

Surprisingly, they have actually worked out quite well. I planted a bunch of tomato seeds, three courgette, three cucumber and two pepper. All have sprouted into healthy little plants except the peppers, which did… nothing much. Don’t know what went wrong there, but I’m happy to have all these baby plants to admire.

I’m keeping them inside til it gets reliably warm but they are getting quite big already. One of the courgettes (you can see it to the left) is already struggling to support itself, so I’ll have to get some little support sticks soon.

If you have a sunny spot to keep plants in I do recommend this – it’s super satisfying to watch little plants grow, and hopefully I’ll be able to use some fresh produce in my baking in the summer. Keep watching and see if they make it!

To do this you need:

  • A few small pots (or you could use big ones if you have space and don’t want to have to re-pot in a few weeks)
  • Seeds (duh!)
  • All purpose compost
  • A warm spot
  • Patience


  1.  Fill the pot, leaving about an inch and a half to the rim.
  2. Wet the soil thoroughly
  3. Pop a seed in. If it’s a courgette, make sure you plant it on the side (so the long, thin edge is upwards) so it doesn’t end up growing roots-up.
  4. Cover with about an inch of soil without pressing down too much.
  5. You can put multiple seeds in a pot if you’re worried not all will sprout, but I did this and ended up with 4 tomatoes in a pot which I’ll now have to separate, but it’s up to you.
  6. Make sure you water when the soil looks/feels dry.
  7. My tomatoes became tiny seedlings in about a week sitting by the window. The cucumbers were next at about 9 days. Then the courgettes followed at about 10-12 days.

Easy as that! The plants are now four weeks old (planted on 4/3/2017) and probably will need repotting imminently. I’m not sure when to expect them to produce anything, so will keep updating!


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