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Splitting Up


Fortunately, I’m not the one splitting up. It’s my babies, actually. Tomatoes, that is. I haphazardly threw a bunch of seeds in small pots to see what would happen a month ago, and surprise! Pretty much everything grew. This means I’ve ended up with about eight little tomato plants, but not all in separate pots. I wasn’t really sure when the best time to divide them would be, but I figured I would find out sooner rather than later.

Anyway, one sunny English afternoon later, I had repotted my fast-growing courgette plants in larger pots, though I don’t know whether they’ll still need yet more space in a few weeks. They grow so fast, and I read that they need something like 16 inches (diameter) of pot to grow into – which I haven’t got. My garden’s not very big either, so we might struggle to house all these plants as adults!


I gently extracted the baby tomato plants and found they came apart pretty easily, so I hurriedly popped them in their own little pots to keep growing in. They’re not big enough to need a pot upsize yet, but that will come soon I’m sure. I ran out of soil before I could repot all my cucumbers, so I think I need to make a trip to the garden centre and get some more supplies if I really want to see a crop this year!

Anyone got any tips for growing courgettes in pots? How deep should they be?


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