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Bake Fails

I find on these food blogs people don’t really talk about their baking mishaps, so I’m going to buck the trend and confess: I baked a flop this afternoon.

It was doubly disappointing because they looked gorgeous as they emerged from the oven, all dark and glorious and wrapped in beautiful paper muffin cases. And then I bit into one and a deep frown fell firmly upon my visage. Honestly, not good.

Pride goeth before a fall. I was pretty pleased with myself at this point. 

They were supposed to be chocolate courgette muffins to go with my theme of using vegetables in pretty much all my baking in the last couple of weeks. I think I accidentally put too much baking powder into them, and that resulted in that horrible bitter taste you get when that happens. Compounded by the fact that we decided to chuck in some 100% chocolate we found lying around, and that there wasn’t much sugar in them. Long story short, a bitter masterpiece.

I suppose I’m exaggerating, because they’re not inedible. They just don’t taste deliciously chocolatey like I thought they would. They might actually be OK with some jam or Nutella to take the edge off the bitter. And if I show people pictures of them without letting them taste them, they’ll think I’m a great baker, because hey, they’re pretty. I just won’t be offering them round to my friends for a taste this time.

How can something so pretty be so bitter? 

I still want to work on the recipe and get these tasty, because I think I have a good basic idea once I’ve ironed out the kinks. And put in a lot less baking powder. And maybe some sweet chocolate instead of 100%.

Oh well, you live and learn, I guess.


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